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The Process

With the exception of the Open Window mural, I hand painted all these pieces with layers of low fire glazes on white ceramic bisque tiles or switchplate and outlet covers. As an experiment, I used terra cotta bisque tiles for the Open Window Mural.


I first used a wide brush to paint a thick base layer of glaze onto the tiles. When that has dried, I either brush or sponge on a layer of another glaze or two. After those glazes have dried, I used smaller, finer brushes to paint on the designs using glazes in a variety of colors.

When the tile is dry again, I paint black outlines around the design to make them pop.
When that has dried, I use a fettling knife to scrape the sides of each tile to remove any glaze that’s overflowed onto them and give the tile backs a gentle sponging to make sure they’re glaze free. It’s important to remove any glaze from the sides or back of a tile since those bits of glaze will flux in the heat of the kiln and cause the tile to fuse onto the tile rack or kiln shelf where it makes contact.

It usually takes me several days to finish each tile to get it ready to fire in my kiln. For the switchplate and outlet covers, I usually sponge on several layers of different glazes and then use brushes to paint the design.

Layering the glazes lets me achieve a more complex finished result that often resembles clay ware fired in a high fire, combustible fuel, reduction kiln. Sometimes I’m thrilled to find that fine crystals have developed in the glazes during the low fire process.

All pieces are fired to cone 04 (about 1930 degrees Fahrenheit) in my ancient, small Skutt (2.36 cubic foot) electric kiln. Opening a kiln after ceramic ware has been fired and cooled enough to handle is exciting - like Christmas morning. You don’t know what you’re going to find as you unload the shelves. You’ve painted a dull, yellow looking glaze on your work and it has miraculously turned a lovely mottled blue during the firing. The glaze layers often interact with each in ways you hadn’t expected. Usually that’s a delightful surprise.


Floral Portfolio

Flowers never cease to bloom, and so does the beauty of art. I don’t think I could spend a day without flowers.


Their beauty and essence always remind me for how forlorn and empty my space would be without them. My work is a translation of what I feel and see around me, 

Women Portfolio

They're called the vessels. Representing all eras, who have provided and nurtured. These pieces pay homage to those that made our dreams possible, and those leading our paths everywhere.


Abstract Portfolio

Movement is what defines these pieces; each piece is guided by instinctive design considerations. Indeed, no two pieces are alike because form and function are intrinsic to the developing tasks of the artist

Switch Covers Portfolio

Ceramic tile is not just in kitchens anymore. Switch covers are the new frontier in ceramic tile. Not only does it come in a variety of colors, but it can be customized with patterns or your own art. 


Mirrors Portfolio

We all move through mirrors and glass. What sort of reflections do we leave behind? Artistic creations on this mirrored ceramic tile and be inspired by the limitless possibilities.

Commissioned Portfolio

Beyond being a touch of artisan beauty, commissioned ceramic tile art pieces become one-of-a-kind works of art that elevate the feel of the owner's environment. If you're looking for an original artwork to spark creativity in your space or beautify your home or office, take a look at my portfolio to explore the possibilities.⁣⁣


Boxes Portfolio

A ceramic tile box has been carefully crafted to display this beautiful floral tile. A unique and functional way to share one's art pieces. A timeless piece to store priceless items.

Animals Portfolio

I am using the animals as symbols and metaphors for exploration and discussion about themes like conservation, animal-human relationships, human culture, wildlife topics or mystical representation of life.


Ovals Portfolio

Oval ceramic tile art pieces give you a platform to unleash your thoughts and express emotions by painting the surface of the clay. With gorgeous designs to choose from, colors layered with pastels, and the opportunity to create something beautiful, these tiles unleash your creativity in an unusual form.

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