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Shadow on Concrete Wall


Movement and color are what define these pieces. Each abstract pattern evokes a mood without representing anything in particular. What defines these pieces; each piece is guided by instinctive design considerations. Indeed, no two pieces are alike because form and function are intrinsic to the developing tasks of the artist.

Art Deco Design 2  (1200 x 1200 px).jpg

Art Deco Tile: 1 (4 ¼” tile)

Art Deco

Art Deco Design  (1200 x 1200 px).jpg

Art Deco Tile: 2 (4 ¼” tile)

Art Deco 2

Celadon with Squares (1200 x 1200 px).jpg

Red Squares on

Turquoise (4 ¼” tile)

Red Squares
on Turquoise

Cascading Blue Mirror  (1200 x 1200 px).jpg

Ascending Blue on

Turquoise (4 ¼” tile)

Ascending Blue
on  Turquoise

Melon Green Abstract  (1200 x 1200 px).jpg

Blue Abstract on

Green (6” tile)

Blue Abstract
on Green

Abstract Stele
on Turquoise

Tahitian Blue Batik Mirror (1200 x 1200 px).jpg

Abstract Stele on

Turquoise (4 ¼” tile)

Sun Glow (1200 x 1200 px).jpg

Gold Crystals on

Brown (4 ¼” tile)

Gold Crystals
on Brown

Vivid Blue Fantasy Vine (1200 x 1200 px).jpg

Blue Stained

Blue Stained Glass (4 ¼” tile)

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