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Shadow on Concrete Wall


Beyond being a touch of artisan beauty, commissioned ceramic tile art pieces become one-of-a-kind works of art that elevate the feel of the owner's environment. These are examples of tiled art  work I’ve made on commission over the years. I’m no longer accepting commissions.

Mural (200 x 280 px).jpg

Open Window

20 6'' tiled panel, 30'' X 24'' - private collection

Tile Tapestry (300 x 800 px).jpg

Moroccan Tiled Window Sill

(4 ¼” tiles with hand cut mosaic pieces - commission for a New York City loft)

Tiled Shower (300 x 800 px).jpg

Harem Shower

Harem Shower (commission

for a loft in Soho, NYC)

Dogs & Cats  Mural

Dogs & Cats Mural (4 1/4” tiles for a New YorkCity veterinary clinic)

Veterinary Hospital Tiles  (1200 x 800 px).jpg
Kitchen  (1200 x 1200 px).jpg

Lobster Kitchen

Lobster Kitchen: Tiled Backsplash

(commission for a New York City loft in Chelsea)


Frogs Tiled Backsplash

(commission for a loft

in Soho, New York City)

Frog Kitchen Back Splash2  (1200 x 800 px).jpg

Harem Woman

Harem Woman (6” oval tile for Harem Shower Commission)

green woman on beach (1200 x 800 px).jpg

Cover for

Switchplate Cover for

Harem Shower

Bathroom (commission 

or a loft in Soho, NYC)

Batik Double  (1200 x 1200 px).jpg


Harem Shower

(commission for 

a loft in Soho, 

New York City)

shower  (1200 x 1200 px).jpg

Al Benessere
Logo Tile

Logo Tile commissioned

by al benessere (4 ¼” tile)

Logo AB 1 (1200 x 1200 px).jpg

Logo Tile

Logo Tile

committed by

Yoga Mandali

(4 ¼” tile)

Logo YM  (1200 x 1200 px).jpg

Va Tutto
Logo Tile 

Logo Tile for Va Tutto!

Restaurant in Soho,

New York City (6” tile)

Tutto (1200 x 1200 px).jpg
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