Joan’s Custom Designer Mirrors and Hand Painted Art Tiles are well suited to enliven any residential, commercial, or corporate project. An elegant small mirror can become the focus of the room it inhabits. A tile installation can transform its setting.




How Can I Use Hardin Tiles?

  • Peruse the site to get ideas for decorating with custom mirrors and tiles
  • Create a luscious back splash, border frieze, or mural
  • Hang one or more tiles on the wall as you would other artwork
  • Prop a tile on a shelf for a splash of interest
  • Use a tile on the table as a trivet
  • Contact me for my artistic opinion, suggestions, questions and pricing regarding a project



Can You Provide Field (Background) Tiles to Match or Complement Your Hand Painted Design Tiles?

Yes. Tiles with hand painted designs can be set intermittently into background or field tiles painted in a complementary or matching color. See the Frog Kitchen for which I created both the design tiles and the field tiles.



Can I Use Commercial Tiles to Complement your Hand Painted Design Tiles?

Yes. See an example of this in the Lobster Kitchen. My customers purchased commercial field tiles in a complementary color and had their tile man set my lobster tiles, switch plates and outlet covers among them in an artful pattern.



Can You Make Tile Murals?

Yes. Design elements can be combined or expanded into a mural, large or small, for installation or framing



How Can I Use Hardin Tiles Custom Mirrors?

  • Commission a mirror to turn a wall into a work of art or choose one I’ve already made.
  • My mirrors come ready to hang.



Can You Make Tiles with My Logo or Business Name on Them?

Yes. I can paint or silkscreen your business name or logo on tiles to hang on the wall or to install. See some examples: Logo Tiles


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