How to Commission Custom Mirrors and Tile Work
The creation of an original tile mural or installation is an intimate and interactive process. It is of equal importance for you to understand the process and for me to understand what you are looking for. Though there is a process, there are no hard and fast rules. The free flow of ideas, facts and feelings are essential to the evolution of a successful commission. If you want design suggestions from me, I will be happy to provide them.



Initial Contact
This is where we first get to know each other. One of the best ways to get to know my work and me is through my website. Take some time to look at my portfolio and get an idea of my range and style. Although what you see here represents what I have done, it is not the extent of my work. Each commission is unique and will add a new page to the portfolio. If my work is something you are interested in, contact me and we can discuss the details and I can give you an idea of my current work schedule.



The nature of the consultation depends on your location. If you can visit my studio and showroom in New York City, you will see a greater variety of mirrors and tiles than it’s possible to show on my website – and you will be able to see the work itself rather than online representations of them which can’t show all the textures of the glazes and fabrics. We can also do the consultation from a distance via phone, email, or fax, The purpose of either method is for me to develop the rapport I need to formulate a design that is right for you and your project and for you to gain confidence in my ability to do that.



Our ideas now begin to take shape in my head and in the studio. There is a bit of mystery involved in the creative process that does not always lend itself to hard schedules. Sometimes my ideas come while we’re in our initial consultation and sometimes they have to brew for a while before I understand how to proceed. I will keep in touch to let you know how we are progressing.

If you want your tiles or mirrors to complement a particular color or pattern (wallpaper, carpet, upholstery fabric), please send me a small sample or clear color photograph to work from.

When measuring your project for a tile installation, don’t forget to note where electrical outlets, light switches, etc are to be placed in the area to be tiled.

I will need the exact dimensions of outlets, etc to figure out how to paint the design on your tiles. You can measure and record the dimensions or you can tape paper to the wall and trace them. For instance, in painting a tile frieze of ‘Little Fish on Blue‘ tiles to go along a 12’ section of a single wall containing one light switch and one electrical outlet, I could paint the tiles to have the fish swimming around blank areas where the light switch and electrical outlet will go. Then your tile installer can cut out the blank sections of tile to accommodate the switch and outlet. Color photos taken from a few different angles showing the area to be tiles and the key design elements of the room would also be very helpful.

I can also paint ceramic switch plates and outlet covers to match your tiles.

If you are puzzled and would like me to utilize your ideas and requirements to design one or more to-scale sketches for your project, please contact me via e-mail, fax, regular mail, or phone.

A charge of $100 is required for the first 1 1/2 hours of design work with a charge of $25 for each additional 1/2 hour required. When you describe your project to me, I’ll give you an estimate of how much design time I think it will require.



Down Payment

To begin custom work I require a payment of 50% of the price of your order. The balance (including freight charges and NYS/NYC sales tax when relevant) will be due upon completion of your tile order. Orders under $300 must be paid in full at the outset.




After the initial design is complete, I will need you to sign a written contract approving your order before I can begin work on your tiles.



Design Changes

There will be a $200 charge for design changes after you have approved a contract.



Delivery Time

All tiles will be custom hand painted by me. Allow 6-10 weeks to shipment.

Mirrors are also custom made. Allow 6-8 weeks to shipment.






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